Title: WWA Mashup Song
Artist: One Direction
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WWA Mashup Song (without the intro video music)

Title: Disconnected // Chocolate
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use headphonessss enjoy :-)

  • Me: I'm sorry
  • Teacher: why?
  • Me: I can't come to class today.
  • Teacher: .... don't
  • Me: because I have a piano recital
  • Teacher: stop.
  • Me: it's scheduled simultaneously at the same time
  • Teacher: dang it. *sits at desk and writes poem* Crimson leaves. Falling.
  • Me: what pen did you use to write that?
  • Teacher: ask about the content of my poem
  • Me: how old are you
  • Teacher: I just want you to see my poem the way that Garcia Lopez De Cardenas saw the grand Canyon
  • Me: I can't I'm from Boston
  • Teacher: I am lucky


Nearly two years since Impossible, and Fifth Harmony has achieved so much. WE have achieved so much together. That’s something that stems from our strong belief in them and their ability to take over the world. This is just the beginning and we wanted to create a video that would showcase how far they’ve come and capture this immense love for/belief in the girls. 
(YouTube link

We were overwhelmed by all the outpouring of loving comments we received about the girls, why you believe in them, and how they’ve impacted your life. So while we couldn’t fit all the comments in the video, we wanted to share the wonderful words from harmonizers around the world with everyone. Enjoy! 

Being a Harmonizer has changed my life. It’s like being in one giant worldwide family with never ending love & support. 
-Bailey (@cabeYoimgaYo)

Life is easier knowing you have these girls caring about you.They are role models this generation needs. These beautifully spirited girls give you strength to accept yourself. They help you second guess sadness and believe you can make it through. 
-Jay (@JayAg12)

I love 5H because they are humble, talented & genuine. What makes being a harmonizer so great is that we work hard & we know how much they appreciate/love us & thats the best feeling in the world & I couldn’t be prouder of how far they’ve come. 
-Perla (@PerlaCoralM)

The girls are thankful for us and we’re thankful for them. We’re each other’s support system. They accomplish things because they work hard so we work just as hard. It’s a mutual thing. 
-Yoli (@omgharmony)

Fifth Harmony inspire me to fight for what I want and to keep believing in my dreams. Their life stories and all they’ve lived make me proud and feel something that I can’t feel with others. I believe in them because they have it all: talent and charisma. 
-Lay (@fifthsemharmony)

Dad: “You know that 5H group won’t make it to next week’s live shows or even to the finale, right?”
Me: “You just wait & see. One day I’ll be waiting in line for their concert.”
Now he waits in line at your concerts with me because he’s a fan. 
-Jazzmin (@DinahsDiva)

Fifth Harmony made me believe not only in dreams but in myself. They helped me meet amazing people. I will forever and always be proud of them and I love them with all my heart. 
-Gaby (@Gabriela5H)

It’s always hard to put my love for these girls into words. These girls have impacted the lives of many. I will never be able to word everything they’ve done to change my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 
-Sophia (@tbhsoph)

Any problem, big or small, they have helped me get through it. I have this profound connection with them despite the fact that we have never met. They aren’t only a girl group to me, they are a part of my life that has helped define me as a person. 
-Tris (@ily_jauregui)

I support and love Fifth Harmony so much because everything they believe in and what they stand for is strong and powerful. Honestly, the rewarding part is that they thank us every single time, literally it’s the best. 
-Emil (@karlaquebello)

Fifth Harmony is an Inspiration. I believe in myself more now even though I’m older than them (I’m 23). I am so proud of what they become. God Bless You Fifth Harmony! You are such a huge blessing to this world. <3 
-Farrah (@5Hlavas)

I had no clue what the future would hold for them or for us. From LYLAS to Fifth Harmony, from The X Factor to Ellen, from watching the VMA’s, to winning VMA’s Artist To Watch. There are so many things to be proud of and so many things to remember. 
-Mary (@MaryStyregui)

In the past 2 years I’ve known these girls, they’ve made me a better person and made me believe in myself. For that reason and so many others, I believe in them and I know they will make history. I couldn’t be more proud. 
-Alice (@imjauregui4u)

Fifth Harmony make me believe in myself and I’m so proud of how far they’ve come. It’s nowhere but up for them and I’ll be here until the very end. 
-Ani (@bieberslovato5H)

I believe in Fifth Harmony because they work so hard and never hold back anything from their fans. They taught me that the most important thing about a person is their heart and the goodness of it, and they helped me improve as a person. 
-Nirvana (@pleadmycase)

I support and believe in Fifth Harmony because they have been there for me when no one else has, I’ve only known them for 2 years yet they have changed and made an impact on my life with each of their beautiful minds and big, big hearts. THANK YOU. 
-Karla (@HeyacheleRiot)

Fifth Harmony’s the most humble and hard working girl group in the industry. I am so proud of them.They continue to work hard for us and I love how we have such a close relationship with them. I love them with all my heart. 
-Clodagh (@JaureguiUK)

To me, being a harmonizer is more than just fangirling…or fanboying in my case. It means loving and supporting the girls throughout their journey no matter what. I’m so proud of everything they’ve accomplished and I know this is just the beginning. 
-Brody (@BootyPopLauren)

I love Fifth Harmony because they are such great girls. They helped me from my addiction. They make me believe in myself and I can’t thank them enough for that. I can’t believe how far they have come. You girls will go so far and I’m proud to be a fan. 
-Lily (@hipstercamila_)

I’ve been in so many bad places, but every time, my girls save me. They love us so much it’s crazy. They believe in us just like we believe in them. I don’t know about you, but they’ve made me believe in myself. 
-Taylor (@Karlacvato)

I went through a really bad time in my life last year and wanted to hurt myself. I thought that would make me feel better.Thats when I found the girls. They saved my life. They made me strong. I love them so much.They are my lifesavers. 
-Sophia (@sophiapuricelli)

They mean so much to me. When my dad passed away, the only reason I got up everyday was because I got closer to meeting them. I can never show how thankful I am for them. Their videos made me forget about my shitty life. Without them I don’t know where I would be. 
-Aly (@chronicaiiy)

These girls make me believe that dreams can happen if you work hard for them and I couldn’t possibly ask for better role models. Every single one of them makes me smile and makes me happy. 
-Julia (@julia1d5h)

Supporting Fifth Harmony and being in the Harmonizer fandom was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The girls have achieved so much in 2 years and I hope they become huge because I believe In them. They have taught me things no one else could’ve. -Erica (@jaurerica5H)

These girls have helped me get through my disability and given me more confidence in being in a wheelchair. Fifth Harmony are not only amazing singers but amazing people and I’m so proud and happy to be able to be on this journey with them. 
-Jonathan (@DetectiveAlly)

Even if I am 24, I am not ashamed to admit that Fifth Harmony inspires me everyday to stay strong and not care what others may think or say about me or my disability, that I am loved and can do ANYTHING I set my mind to! Always Spread Love, Not Hate! 
-Millie (@Lovatic5HDores7)

I love, support, and believe in Fifth Harmony. They’re one of the most precious things in my life. Harmonizer is so much more than just a name for fans. Being a harmonizer has made me completely happy. I wasn’t happy, but they saved me. 
-Aline (@mydearlauren) 

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with my sister Gemma and out frineds Sophia and Ryan Cantrill




My girlfriend is going to be an elementary school teacher. This is her handwriting.


She’s a witch

Title: Stolen Dance
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